Thank you for inviting down under!
Be sure to check out the support section on how to 'checkin'. We have been making some changes based upon your feedback.
Our initial testing period in Australia is nearly completed, we move into production phase for your upcoming Short Course season. Keep that amazing feedback rolling in so we can improve as best as possible.

Sporting organisations around the globe use our real time checkin service assisting meet operators to run a fast, effective event! And we have now landed on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.

It is an exciting time in Australia with self-marshaling being introduced to Regional and Club meets. We feel proud to be a part of this.

If you haven't yet registered, click on the "Register" button above and create your account.

In partnership with Swimming Gold Coast, for the first 12 months we are offering our service free to users and at a reduced rate to swimming entities.

Keep an eye out for the app coming soon to Austalia.

Swimming entities should liaise direct with their region to be onboarded to

For training on how to operate your meet in real time with self-marshaling using start with our support page on the link below.

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