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Overview provides a real time online communication medium between athletes and event operators.

No one likes to sit at a sporting event all day.

Event operators like to run events efficiently.

Improving communications between athletes and the event operators allows re-organisation to occur on the fly during an event.

Notify the operators in real time if:

  • an athlete intends to compete in any event,
  • an athlete will scratch from any event,
  • a friend of yours could not make it on the day,
  • a member of your team is away.

Online registration systems typically close a number of days prior to meets, allowing operators to seed and configure the events. makes it simple to communicate following closure of online registrations:

  • Something has come up, we cannot attend.
  • We forgot to enter, can we apply for a late entry?
  • I am pretty sure my friend will be away for this event even though she registered online.
  • Jane was sick at training yesterday and will be off the rest of the weekend, i'll let the organisers know.

Athletes, communicate on behalf of yourself.

Coaches, notify on behalf of your squad members.

Parent or Gaurdians, tell operators about your children or family friends. captures who provided the notification as well as the athlete you are notifying us about, along with contact details for both should an operator wish to confirm directly. Dont check in someone you shouldn't, we track who you are and the device you checked in from. just saying...

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